Trend Trading Course


How To Identify Trend-Following Stocks Primed For Explosive Moves. Options Professional Keith Harwood Shows You How To Identify & Trade The Trend!

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What’s In The Trend Trading Course:

Part 1: Technical Setups

In part 1 of the Trend Trading course, Keith gives a run-down of popular trend-following signals used by traders. These trend indicators give signals for continuations of trends, momentum fading, and overbought or oversold conditions.

Part 2: Risk Management Principles

In part 2 of the Trend Trading course, Keith gives a primer on risk management. Risk management is a crucial element of any trading system, and so is understanding the application of risk management principles such as diversification and stop-losses.

Part 3: Position Sizing

In part 3 of the Trend Trading course, Keith shows how to choose position sizes within a trend-following portfolio. It is crucial to understand that there are different risks associated with each sizing method. With those differing risks comes different approaches to the markets, and that is discussed in depth here.

Part 4: Trailing Stops

In part 4 of the Trend Trading course, Keith shows how to use a trailing stop in a trend-following system. As a stock moves in his favor, Keith explains how to mentally lock-in profits while letting his winners ride.

Part 5: Portfolio Management

In part 5 of the Trend Trading course, Keith discusses portfolio management and position rebalancing. As stocks move around in the portfolio and some outperform others, the risk of the portfolio can drastically shift. Keith discusses how he handles these situations in this course.

Part 6: Portfolio Hedges

In part 6 of the Trend Trading course, Keith explains how he implements a hedge on his portfolio when the market looks to enter a tumultuous time but his positions are not being stopped. Keith uses his extensive options knowledge to show how simple it can be to hedge a portfolio of stocks quickly.