Option Trend Trader

From: $97.00 / month

  • Options on NASDAQ 100 Stocks
  •  Huge profits from Trend Trading
  •  Highly leveraged returns
  •  Entry & Exit Signals
  •  Online portfolio tracking
  •  Online customer support desk
  •  Join the trend anytime!

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Option Trend Trader is a long-call, in-the-money options program focused on Nasdaq 100 stocks with highly liquid option chains. Our system averages 15 option signals per month and depending upon market conditions — more or fewer signals may be generated.  The portfolio carries 10-12 positions at a time and is actively managed by Keith Harwood using signals generated from his proprietary algorithmic trading system.

This is a longer term trend following system so it is easy to join and maintain your positions, even if you have a day job.  We make options trading as easy as 1-2-3. We will tell you which option to buy, when to buy it, and when to exit your positions.

Good Stock Signals Lead to Great Options Trend Trading!  Our “Trend Magnifier” stock signals are generated by our proprietary algorithm designed by Keith using his training from the University of Chicago and his professional experience working as a Market Maker and hedge fund trader.

How Good Are These Signals?  Since January 1st, 2000, the dividend reinvested annual returns on the S&P have averaged 7.02% while our back-tested “Trend Magnifier” Stock Program averaged 14%.  Our stock trading system beats the market, and when we apply our “Options Trend Trader” management system to those trade signals our returns are nothing less than explosive!!!

How do we do it?  Our system reduces draw-downs and reduces risk by issuing exit signals when our system modeled upward trend lines are broken. We focus on combining the leverage of options with institutional quality risk management to help you beat the odds!

Option Trend Trader isn’t about timing the market..it’s all about making the trend your friend and using options to generate huge profits that can’t be made by just trading stocks or passive ETF investing.

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