Option Trend Trader Mentoring and Alerts

$7,500.00 every 6 months

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Mentoring Program Benefits:

  • Twice monthly one-on-one video-mentoring with Option Hotline’s Chief Options Strategist, Keith Harwood
  • Study of the trade analysis methods used in Keith’s highly successful trading programs
  • Learn how Keith uses options leverage, technical analysis, and correlations analysis, to structure explosive trades
  • Hourly sessions are customized to each member’s personal skill level, trading style, and trading goals!
  • Direct access, phone or email, to Keith Harwood for any on-going questions, ideas, etc.

Option Trend Trader Benefits:

  • Options information on NASDAQ 100 Stocks
  • Daily entry and exit signals
  •  Huge profit potential from trend trading
  •  Highly leveraged returns
  •  Online portfolio tracking
  •  Customer support desk

For early stage and mid-level, active traders, Keith Harwood’s Option Trend Trader Mentoring and Alerts, provides individual instruction, one on one, for those seeking an elevation in their knowledge and results. Keith has mentored hundreds of individual investors, and has taught dozens of group classes. Differing from other available instructional programs, Keith uses real world securities in his one-to-one sessions. These are stocks he keeps in his own live personal portfolio, as well as in the sample portfolio. Members will receive a sample portfolio of their own, and are at their own discretion regarding their live portfolio management and trades. Members also receive directly related instructional materials to go hand-in-hand with their personal mentoring.


Often referred to as ‘The Kitchen Sink,’ these additional items are free to subscribers of Keith’s Option Trend Trader Mentoring and Alerts

  • S & P 100 Trader ($582 value)
  • Outlier Watch List ($194 value)
  • eBook, “Think Like A Market Maker, Profit Like a Pro” ($97 value)
  • eBook, “5 indicators For Trading Success” ($29 value)
  • Webinar Recording, “5 Indicators For Trading Success” ($49 value)
  • ETF Commodity Options Course ($299 value)
  • ETF Commodity Options Trading ($1,182 value)
  • Home Run Swing Trader ($2,500 value)
  • Swing Trading Course ($299 value)
  • Trend Trading Course ($299 value)
  • Blueprint For Trading Success ($299 value)
  • Guide To Trading ETF Commodity Options ($299 value)
  • Option Trading Checklist ($97 value)

Total Free Benefits: $6,225

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