Home Run Swing Trader

$5,000.00 / year

Get Options Trade Alerts for High-Return “Swing Trading” Positions!

Home Run Swing Trader is a market agnostic trading program designed to take both long and short positions in equities using the defined risk and leverage of options strategies. The system averages 15-20 trades per month with an average holding period of just over 2 weeks.


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We will tell you which options structures we are buying, why we are buying, and when we are exiting. The Home Run Swing Trader system uses proprietary technical signals and complex options strategy evaluation by Keith Harwood, who has been trading options for more than 12 years managing large options portfolios.

How can a system consistently generate these types of returns? It’s all about controlling risk while taking the edge the market provides when the market provides it. And since this system is designed to take both long and short positions in equities, Home Run Swing doesn’t care if the market is trending up, sitting still, or crashing. In any type of market, there are opportunities to outperform the market by using the power of options with technical analysis.

Let Keith help you understand the power of catching a swing move with options, where the power in the returns is in structuring the trade with the right leverage! Home Run Swing Trader isn’t about taking every trade. It’s about seeing the trade that is setting up just right, and then swinging for the fences!


“Home Run Swing Trader is the perfect program for small accounts just getting started in the exciting world of options trading.”

Are you looking for an options trading program that is suitable for a smaller account size? Worried that you will have to give up profit potential or take unnecessary trading risks? Well, stop worrying and start swinging for the fences with our Home Run Swing Trader program!

Using options reduces the cost of your position, allowing you to control more shares for the same money. Higher priced stocks otherwise too expensive to trade also become available, opening up a world of leveraged returns exclusive to options trading. Turn “small” into an advantage by exploiting short-term price movements without having to compete with large institutional traders–and create huge percentage gains that at first you won’t believe!

You can beat Wall Street at its own game, Keith Harwood’s Home Run Swing Trader has trades that return 100, 200 even 300%! And you don’t have to become a day trader tied to a computer screen all day long to trade this program. We send trade alerts when it is time to enter a position that will typically remain open for a few days up to a few weeks. When the time is right, you will receive another alert when Keith closes out the trade. All positions are tracked in an online portfolio for our subscribers, so you always know where we are at.

Make options trading as easy as 1-2-3, subscribe to our Home Run Swing Trader today!

Home Run Swing Trader Fact Sheet

Combine Swing Trading with Options Leverage…and start hitting game-winning home runs!


Feature: Professional Technical Research
Benefit: You get the research normally reserved for institutions and Wall Street’s insiders so you can level the playing field and beat them at their own game!
Pro Tip: Use “small” price moves to your advantage. Exploit price moves institutions can’t defend themselves against!

University of Chicago graduate Keith Harwood developed his proprietary swing trading program throughout his years of experience as a market maker, hedge fund trader, and more. Subscribing to Keith’s program is like hiring the other team’s coach!


Feature: “Out-of-the-Money” Options
Benefit: Explosive profit potential with a limited risk profile allows you to take a higher level of risk without suffering catastrophic losses. Returns of 100, 200, even 300%+!
Pro Tip: Only risk what you can afford to lose so that you can stay in the game! Keith will show you how to properly size your positions.

Control more stock for less money using options. Further decrease your cost while amplifying leverage by purchasing out of the money options on Keith’s “hot list” of swing trading opportunities!


Feature: “Real-Time” Trade Alerts
Benefit: The markets move fast and you our trade alerts are published online and sent by text message in real time…so you can trade like Keith without delay and earn max profits!
Pro Tip: Enter your text number at sign up so alerts go straight to your phone…that’s what makes a true Option Hotline!

Professional research, highly tuned strategy, and real time trade alerts offered by our Home Run Swing Trader program gives you the opportunity of a lifetime to finally trade like a pro and earn pro level profits!

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