M.T.M Total Earnings Domination


“Secrets to Trading Earnings” Bootcamp; Live Earnings Trade Set Up Webinars; Online Education 4-Part Series: “Earnings Trading Techniques from Two Decades on the CBOE Trading Floor”

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If you could consistently make money week after week, month after month, would you trade with more confidence?  What if you had bread and butter strategies that were data-driven and tested showing amazing results?  That’s Total Earnings Domination.  This is a simple process that anyone can follow and only takes minutes to execute. 

You can make the next 6 months your best of the year and repeat that success in future earnings’ seasons throughout your trading career. You can finally make trading easy.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this system:

  • Easily scan the market for Earnings trades
  • WHERE to get real-time data that pinpoint winning earnings trades
  • Best time of day for entries and exists
  • “Yes/No Screen Technique” blueprint
  • The “Earnings Time Spread Risk Checklist” for max gains, min losses
  • Calculating “Is/Was Gaps”
  • How to manage wide bid-ask spreads on closing table
  • Know when a stock is more likely to outperform on it’s Earnings announcement
  • Set up profit and loss targets
  • Select the optimal expirations to maximize profit potential
  • Trade more consistently using a strategy that works in all market conditions
  • Get a blueprint for earnings trading and watch live setups of earnings trades so you can easily follow along
  • Make the next few weeks your top performing weeks yet
  • Plus—Make back losses on trades that you’ve already made

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