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Market Taker LIVE Futures & ETF Coaching What if you could learn from someone who…

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Market Taker LIVE Futures & ETF Coaching

What if you could learn from someone who spent his entire career advising professional traders on what to trade every single day, a person who started down on the trading floor in 1983, became one of the top brokers on the CME trading floor and has been at it ever since? Could you make more money if he gave you the top futures and ETF trade ideas every single day?

In one hour a day, Coach John Seguin will dissect the current market conditions, identify potentially profitable futures and ETF trades, discuss different futures and ETF trading techniques and strategies, and then help you select the most ideal products to trade each day.

Join Market Taker LIVE Advantage Futures and ETF Group Coaching and let a futures and ETF Trading Coach with more than 30 years experience in the market help you advance your trading to the next level and beyond.

When You Join Market Taker Live Advantage Futures and ETF Group Coaching You Will Discover

  • Advanced management techniques used by professional futures and ETF traders that can help increase your trade profits in the very first class
  • The top futures and ETF trade ideas EVERY DAY
  • Guidance from a futures and ETF expert with over 30 years of experience
  • The instinct to select the best contracts to trade and then set your trades up for success
  • Professionally used techniques for reading the 4 most important patterns
  • Direct access to your futures and ETF coach where you can ask questions and get feedback on your own trades from a seasoned professional
  • Each class RECORDING sent directly to your inbox the very same day in case you cannot attend the live session…OR simply to review!

Here Are Some of the Class Details of Market Taker LIVE Advantage Futures and ETF Group Coaching

Your Professional Instructor and Class Leader will be John Seguin.

In 1983 John started his career as a runner at the CBOT and was one of the top brokers at the CME Group in 2002. Since then he has been publishing daily commodity markets comentary, teaching classes and being a top thought leader in the futures and ETF space. He created Macrograph, a unique charting tool to give an edge for futures and ETF traders. He also educates traders on the principles Market Profile and market logic.

You will see John’s process first hand in the MTM LIVE Futures and ETF Coaching class where you will get all the same tricks and analysis techniques John used in his long and successful career as a professional futures and ETF expert.

Starting at 10:30 am CT, you will watch as John scans, selects and then sets-up around 5 NEW futures and ETF trade ideas each day. You will get step-by-step commentary and trade rationale from a true master as he sets each trade up with extreme precision.

Plus, you’ll also have access to the archives of every class session. That way you can see any class you may have missed or just review any of the information to make sure you completely understand how to succeed in the futures market.