Hedge Alert for QQQ.

Our system has signaled the need to adjust our hedge, and for our model portfolio sizing, the hedging trade we are utilizing is:

Sell To Close 10.00 QQQ JAN 2019 $152.00 Puts
Buy To Open 12.00 QQQ FEB 2019 $152.00 Puts

Mid-market at the time of publication is for a debit of $2.74, with leg prices of $1.05 on the January puts and $3.16 on the February puts.

If you are interested in hedging your portfolio, please reach out to your investment advisor to determine the appropriate size and implementation of a hedge as each portfolio will have different risks depending on market Beta.

For more information on how we calculate our hedging protocol at Option Hotline, see https://optionhotline.com/portfolio-hedging-course/

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Keith Harwood

Big League Options