By Todd Horwitz

Nothing. It is a political tool and is being used by the house to try to remove Mr. Trump from office. Will it work or will it backfire? This is a big move for the Speaker of the house, Ms. Pelosi. She gave up on trying to get the 2016 election overturned and decided to wait as long as she could to get the president removed from office, hoping for a new charge. She got what she wanted when a whistle blower found a tape of Mr. Trump talking to the newly elected president of Ukraine in July.

The basis of the charge lies in the recording. Mr. Trump brings up the fact that there has been horrible corruption in the energy department in Ukraine. The new president replies that he is bringing in his own people to root out the corruption. He hopes that it will further ties with the U.S., as Ukraine’s main ally since the ECU has basically deserted them. Trump pledges U.S. support. He then asks as part of that investigation that Joe Biden and his son be investigated in the corruption charge.

Boom! That’s all the Dems needed to start the process again. They claim the president tried to have the tape put in a file that is marked as a state secret, and therefore he is guilty of obstruction of justice and needs to be removed from office. The process is fairly long so I will just go into how things will proceed. First, the Dems will form various committees to go over the evidence and they will all come to the same conclusion, Mr. Trump must be removed from office. The full house will vote and when it is determined he is guilty, the case will be turned over to the Senate.

The Senate will conduct the trial and the house will serve as the prosecutor. The Senate will choose who they want to represent Mr. Trump. The trial will be a show trial. The Dems will smear President Trump and his Republican allies in the Senate. His allies will support his position that the damming phone call was to promote a stronger bond between the U.S. and Ukraine. Since the senate is controlled by the Republicans and you need a 2/3 of the Senate to agree with the house, he will be found innocent no matter what the evidence says.

The big question will be whether or not Ms. Pelosi committed a political blunder by allowing the impeachment to proceed. She knows the blowback could be enormous and cost the Dems the 2020 election. On the other hand, even though she knows she will lose on the impeachment trial, will the trial move enough voters in the upcoming election to her side of the isle and actually turn out to be a winner. That is what you have to love about Washington politics. There is never a cloudy day!

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz