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Trading Options With A Directional Bias: Part 3

In part 3 of Keith’s series on trading options with a directional bias, he will do a deep dive on trading a technical edge with a focus on Option Gamma (the Option’s change in Delta due to a change in the price of the stock) and how professional traders look at Option Theta (the Option’s change in value due to passage of time).

Using technical setups can often lead to strong trading concepts that can and should focus on specific Options Greeks (in particular, these risks associated with an Option include passage of time, changes in price, and changes in implied volatility).

Keith will explain the technical setups he’s looking for to employ a Gamma-focused options trading strategy, the way that he applies a Gamma-focused options trading strategy to those setups, and the many reasons why people shouldn’t forget about the impact of the other Greeks when applying this type of strategy.

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Dec 09 2020


4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
Option Hotline | Webinar