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How Keith Outperforms The Nasdaq By More Than 6X

Use options to create a trending portfolio that is already up 98% this year. You won’t want to miss this !

You’re invited to this webinar in which Keith Harwood, Chief Options Strategist at Option Hotline, will present his highly sought-after guidance on using a rolling options strategy to generate cash and build overall portfolio value. During the instruction, Keith will demonstrate how he uses this model portfolio (with real stocks) to create lucrative guidance for his many followers.

Learn about Keith’s simple rolling process to generate cash for your portfolio. This process is a very strong alternative to a “Buy-Write” strategy.

All attendees will be offered two free giveaways: 1) A White Paper, regarding Keith’s rolling process, and 2) 5 Profitable Indicators from a Pro Trader. Options investors can put these to use in their portfolio immediately!

For 2020, Keith’s model portfolio is up 98.1% and has generated $14,929 of cash from this $20,000 model portfolio. Moreover, the average return from Keith’s open trades is: 152.9%. Keith’s model portfolio is already up 6x higher than the Nasdaq.


Jul 01 2020


4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
Option Hotline | Webinar