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OptionHotline.com is a website where individual investors can interact, learn, and trade with options industry professional who value sharing their expertise with people who are eager to become options traders. We host podcasts, special event online webinars and in person seminars. We aren’t just a great source of education, we also host several subscription services with real time trade alerts from our in-house Options Strategist.

As Keith’s research uncovers a profit opportunity, he creates a strategy and makes a trade in our portfolio shadow publishing platform. Once he locks in the trade you are instantly notified so that you can also take advantage of the market opportunity he has uncovered. And when it is time to take profits or make an adjustment to a position, you will receive a real time alert as soon as Keith pulls the trigger!

Our Mission

Creating executable trade ideas for retail investors by providing the research and strategy used by Wall Street Professionals . Helping traders improve their skills with online courses, podcasts, and live webinars.

Our Values

We are an independent and unbiased source of research and professional options strategies developed solely for our subscribers. Our positions are entered into a portfolio tracking program with pricing updated daily after the market closes. We do not trade against or ahead of our subscribers, ever. Our only purpose is to conduct research and create opportunities for our subscribers to succeed at trading options. We are here to help you become a better trader!

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Option Hotline LLC is a publishing company that delivers executable trade ideas from options professionals in real-time to our subscribers. However, we are much more than a run-of-the-mill alert service; we are the nexus of research and strategy delivered to individual investors world-wide.

Option Hotline offers its subscribers in-house trade alert subscription programs as well as third-party contributors, who bring their market commentary and trade execution ideas directly to you. Ranging from stocks, options, futures, commodities, ETFs, and more; you can take advantage of education covering the entire spectrum of the markets.

Our industry connections deliver cutting edge investor education opportunities to expand your options trading toolbox. We make an ongoing effort to help you reach your trading goals. Our webinars detail how we use institutional research and insight to optimize the implementation of our option strategies. Option Hotline provides you the opportunity to learn before you start executing strategies from one of our Option Hotline Alert services.

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