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 “On every trade, there are powerful institutional forces working against you— in the middle of your trade jamming you for every penny on the execution—and on the other side stands an expert with decades of experience just waiting to take you down.”
Keith Harwood,  Chief Options Strategist

If they win, you lose. It is as simple as that in the zero sum game of options trading. Don’t fight this battle alone because your financial future and retirement plans are much too important.

Option Hotline creates executable trade ideas using the same research and option strategies used by Wall Street’s Professionals.   Our team of commentators have decades of experience working in hedge funds and on the floors of the busiest markets in the world.

We have the experience to give your next trade a fighting chance.  Let Option Hotline teach you to trade like a pro.

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Get your next trade idea from one of our experts using custom made options strategies. Execute with confidence using real-time trade alerts from the option hotline website.

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Check out our blog and get unbiased research and an inside edge from our institutional resources.

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Investor education is a key to success. We offer online courses and special event webinars to keep you up to date on new opportunities and strategies.

Keith Harwood

Keith Harwood

Chief Option Strategist




Chief Option Strategist

Keith Harwood delivers real-time trade alerts using institutional research and professional options strategy on equities; and offers ETF options plays on Gold, Oil & Silver suitable for your normal equity options account.  Keith’s trades are explosive and profitable, yet easy to follow along for beginners using our trade tracking tools on Option Hotline!

Trading is a craft. Improved results come fastest when you’re guided by a master craftsman.

Look over the shoulder of one of our trading professionals as they explain what they look for during the trade selection process, avoiding mistakes, choosing the right option, and more. In courses, webinars, and trading services, we’ll help you get better.

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Attend our live webinars and member sessions to look at current market opportunities and ask questions for our experts. Or take our courses that help you develop your trading toolbox and the skills to understand and execute the trade alerts from our subscription services.

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Those who can’t do, teach. But those who can do teach better.

A lot of trading services are written and headed by people who have never traded professionally, on the floor or off. Option hotline’s contributors have worked as market makers, floor brokers and proprietary traders at the cboe and other primary exchanges…and for major institutions and hedge funds.

Dan Passarelli

Dan Passarelli


Dr Duke

Dr Duke


Bubba Horwitz

Bubba Horwitz


Don Fishback

Don Fishback


Dear Dr Duke: Your Webinars Are Like Having a Coach In My Corner You are teaching me a lot about trading; that's why I'm sharing this with you. I'm sure I make moves you wouldn't, but I rely a great deal on your analysis and suggestions. I'm following my own rules much more consistently as well, because of your advice. I'm feeling much more confident about entering trades that you do not send to the trading group, but which you plant the seeds for in your webinars. I just want to say "Thank you" for your help. It sure is a great help to have you as a coach in my corner.

K.H., Chicago, IL

Dear Dr. Duke: Best Spread Trading Results I've Ever Had! Your stock selection has been terrific, and the results have been incredible. I'm getting the best spread trading results I've ever had thanks to you.

L.H., Los Angeles

Dear Dr Duke: Your Trading Group Has Really Helped Me Just wanted to say thanks and to let you know how invaluable all of your teaching and coaching has meant! Your trading group has really helped me to refine my practices, and to expand my trading. The additions of the verticals back into my trading has helped, not only financially (again thanks to you), but has allowed me to focus on something other than my IC's, which as you know is at times like watching paint dry - which is what we want.

Sue, Omaha, NE

I just put the trades on exactly as Bubba lays them out. And then every morning, pre-market opening, he updates what to do or what not to do. So, following his recommendations takes little time. And I end up with the same results as he does... because he also does the trades himself.

Kathi P.

Bubba’s strategies are different... We had a chance to earn a $3,000 profit with no more than about $300 at risk.

John H.

You earn income consistently. And then occasionally you’ll get a really nice homerun! Thanks to Bubba

Edith F.

I actually learned about Bubba from another investment firm. They said he had a unique approach to trading that was really great. And they were right!

Jeff W.

Bubba has taught me way more...than most traders will ever know.

Roger L.